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Company Profile

Led by our founder  Kelly rao, Jumpstart Asia Consulting Inc. is comprise of each individuals with industrial  experience in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, IT, technical support, senior management and other positions

Kelly Rao has many years dynamic international recruiting experience, especially in recruiting Bilingual Chinese and English speaking professionals for clients in the US and China.


1.Detailed screening and behavioral interviewing skills.

2.Strong hiring manager (client) interfacing abilities.

3.Advise staffing recommendations and final hiring determinations.

4.Negotiating and  Expat package

Our HR outsourcing and POE service team will quickly assess our client's need and provide best HR solutions. we have many years Human Resources Management service, including :

Proven track record in delivering top notch services and resolution in employee relations, training & development, benefits,  risk management, safety, and payroll.

Experience in diverse environments to include corporate, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, banking and healthcare.

Our recruiting team will quickly assess our clients' needs and correctly identify candidates. We combine strong recruiting project management with resources developed through the experience of networking in the industry - along with an extensive range of other benefits. 

Each of our staffing projects is lead by experienced Account Executive with support from our recruiting and research staff to guarantee that we are supplying our clients with thoroughly qualified candidates. 

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